"Server returned error: Unspecified server refusal (see verbose server output)"

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A cfengine client was unable to copy files from a policyhost that it had admit/grant rights to. Public key authentication worked, so to determine the problem, I ran cfagent in verbose mode on the client.

cfengine:client: Server returned error:  Unspecified server refusal (see verbose server output)

To determine the cause of the error, I ran cfservd in debug mode 2 and saw the following error.

# /var/cfengine
No root privileges granted

 Try FuzzySetMatch(*.navitaire.com,
cfservd: Host client.navitiare.com denied access to /var/cfengine/masterfiles/inputs

The cfengine client should be using the domain navitaire.com, not navitiare.com. The DNS PTR record for was correct in our DNS, so where was the domain typo coming from?

It turns out that the client had an incorrect domain name in its /etc/hosts file.    client.navitiare.com client

Correcting the domain in the cfengine client's /etc/hosts file (to match the correct domain in the admit/grant rules) fixed the problem.

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