Adding the Red Hat Virtualization Server 5 channel to mrepo


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In this example, my server is already registered to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5 (5Server) i386 channel in mrepo. I used the following command to subscribe the register the system using mrepo.

# gensystemid -u RHN_user -p RHN_password --release=5Server --arch=i386 /mrepo/5Server-i386/

Red Hat Network changes

To add this server to the Red Hat Virtualization Server 5 i386 channel:

* Login to Red Hat Network.
* Select Systems.
* Choose the system that is subscribed to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5 channel. e.g., server-5Server-i386-mrepo
* Select Alter Channel Subscriptions.
* Under Release Channels for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 for IA-32, select RHEL Virtualization (v. 5 for 32-bit x86) and click Change Subscriptions.

mrepo configuration changes

  • Add the following in the [5Server] stanza in your mrepo.conf configuration file.
virtualization = rhns:///rhel-$arch-server-vt-$release
  • Update and generate the repository.
# mrepo -ug 5Server-i386

yum.conf configuration changes

Example /etc/yum.conf changes:

name=Red Hat Enterprise Linux $releasever - $basearch - Virtualization
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