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Backing up the Ironport configuration

ironport> saveconfig

Do you want to include passwords? Please be aware that a configuration without
passwords will fail when reloaded with loadconfig. [N]> Y

The file C300-00137256E778-49P4W91-20071010T120747.xml has been saved in the
configuration directory on machine "".

$ scp admin@ironport:/configuration/C300-00137256E778-49P4W91-20071010T120747.xml .

Replacing an Ironport C300

  • Back up the Ironport configuration.
  • Replace the Ironport.
  • Connect a laptop NIC to the Ironport C300's Management port using a crossover cable.
  • Configure the laptop's NIC to be on the subnet (e.g., ifconfig eth0 netmask
  • Copy the backed up configuration to the new Ironport.
$ scp ironport_config.xml admin@
admin@'s password: ironport
  • Login to the new Ironport and load the configuration.
$ ssh admin@
admin@'s password: ironport
Last login: Tue Nov 13 04:15:32 2007 from
Copyright (c) 2001-2006, IronPort Systems, Inc.

AsyncOS 4.7 for IronPort C300

Welcome to the IronPort C300 Messaging Gateway(tm) Appliance
Please run "systemsetup" or "sethostname" then "commit" before sending mail.> loadconfig

1. Paste via CLI
2. Load from file
How would you like to load a configuration file?
[1]> 2

Enter the name of the file on machine "" to import:
[]> ironport_config.xml

Values have been loaded. Be sure to run "commit" to make these settings active.
Please run "systemsetup" or "sethostname" then "commit" before sending mail.> commit

Please enter some comments describing your changes:
[]> Loading previous configuration file
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