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In this example, I bind a Solaris 8 NIS client to a Solaris 10 DSEE 6.2 LDAP server and convert the following NIS maps to LDAP containers:

  • passwd
  • group
  • auto_master
  • Two non-standard NIS automount maps--auto_pra and auto_soft


Save the NIS maps as text files

Save the NIS maps as text files before binding the client to the LDAP server. As soon as you use ldapclient and bind to an LDAP server, /etc/nsswitch.ldap is copied over /etc/nsswitch.conf and your NIS client is stopped.

On the Solaris 8 NIS client:

$ ypcat passwd > /tmp/nis_passwd_map
$ ypcat group > /tmp/nis_group_map
$ ypcat -k auto_master > /tmp/nis_auto_master_map
$ ypcat -k auto_pra > /tmp/nis_auto_pra_map
$ ypcat -k auto_soft > /tmp/nis_auto_soft_map

Bind the Solaris 8 NIS client to the LDAP domain


# ldapclient -P simple -d -D cn=proxyagent,ou=profile,dc=subdomain,dc=example,dc=com LDAP_server_IP
System successfully configured

Create the LDAP containers

Perform these steps on the LDAP client.


# ldapaddent -a simple -p -D "cn=Directory Manager" -h LDAP_server_IP -f /tmp/nis_passwd_map passwd
Enter password:
382 entries added


# ldapaddent -a simple -D "cn=Directory Manager" -h LDAP_server_IP -f /tmp/nis_group_map group
Enter password:
29 entries added


auto_master NIS map:

/vol.soft auto_soft             -rw,intr,soft,timeo=7,retrans=9,noquota,vers=2,proto=udp
/vol.pra auto_pra               -rw,intr,soft,timeo=7,retrans=9,noquota,vers=2,proto=udp

Corresponding auto_master LDAP map (e.g., /tmp/auto_master.ldif):

dn: automountkey=/vol.pra,automountMapName=auto_master,dc=subdomain,dc=example,dc=com
automountInformation: auto_pra -rw,intr,soft,timeo=7,retrans=9,noquota,vers=2,proto=udp
objectClass: top
objectClass: automount
automountKey: /vol.pra
dn: automountkey=/vol.soft,automountMapName=auto_master,dc=subdomain,dc=example,dc=com
automountInformation: auto_soft -rw,intr,soft,timeo=7,retrans=9,noquota,vers=2,proto=udp
objectClass: top
objectClass: automount
automountKey: /vol.soft
# ldapmodify -a -D "cn=Directory Manager" -h LDAP_server_IP -f /tmp/auto_master.ldif
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