Stale NFS file handle


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  • NFS client: atmmfs10-s (Solaris 8 2/02)
  • NFS server: atmmfs50-s (Solaris 8 2/02)
  • Remote file system: /clearcase/vob_storage01
  • Local mount point: /tmp/mnt

In this example, attempting to mount the remote file system resulted in a Stale NFS file handle error.

  • snoop output:
 atmmfs10-s -> atmmfs50-s   NFS C FSINFO3 FH=CAD4
 atmmfs50-s -> atmmfs10-s   NFS R FSINFO3 Stale NFS file handle
  • truss output:
mount("atmmfs50-s:/clearcase/vob_storage01", "/tmp/mnt", MS_DATA|MS_OPTIONSTR, "nfs3", 0x0002CC00, 76) Err#151 ESTALE

Although I first suspected an NFS client problem because the file system was listed in /etc/mnttab but couldn't be unmounted, unsharing and resharing the file system on the NFS server fixed the problem.

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