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"! bad user" in /var/cron/log"IO::Socket::INET: Bad protocol 'tcp'""No rhnuuid config option found in /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date-uuid."
"Server returned error: Unspecified server refusal (see verbose server output)""error: Could not get shadow information for NOUSER""find" command examples
"illegal pam.conf entry""noask" pkgadd admin file"refused connect from"
"su" and user shell arguments/etc/resolv.conf changes not taking effect/mnt vs. /media
5 Minute JumpStart ServerALOM notesALOM upgrade problem
Adding static routesAdding swapAdding the Red Hat Virtualization Server 5 channel to mrepo
Administrative LDAP user exampleAm I dropping UDP packets?Apache/mod perl/mod php/mod ssl installation
BAD: keys did not matchBash: syntax error near unexpected token `;'Binding a RHEL LDAP Client to a Sun Directory Server
Burning CD+G discs in LinuxBurning CD-G (karaoke) discs in LinuxCaps Lock, Shift, and Ctrl keys stop working
Changing Opera Speed Dial search engineConverting .bin/.cue to .iso with bchunkCrle usage example
DSEE NotesDell Latitude D620 with 4GB RAMDisabling r services on Solaris
Disabling sendmail relay access for certain IPsELOM JumpStartELOM Notes
Enabling network interfaces with no IP addressExample LDAP commandsExample logrotate.conf
Forcing password change at next loginForward zone, stub zone, or delegation?Fun with ed
Hexadecimal to decimal or vice versa with printfHot-add of VMware virtual disks in RHELHow can I tell if an IP address is dynamic?
ILOM NotesILO NotesInstalling Jinzora on Ubuntu
Installing MSI files with WINEIronport C300 notesLinks
Linux /etc/shadow encrypted password fieldLinux Password PolicyList all Solaris NICs
Logging syslog facility and priorityLsof shows all LISTENing ports as 65535
Main PageMaximum UIDMen & Mice Notes
More than 4 news server connections with panMultiple levels of subdomain delegationMySQL Notes
NIS to LDAP exampleNetApp NotesNewshosting NHXL on Linux
Nullclient with alias processingOBP diag-switch?ORA-27054 error when creating databases
PXELINUX with a Solaris boot serverPXE JumpStart
Pam unix vs. pam ldapPam unix with LDAP server account lockout
Parental Units SetupPerl module versionsPortmapper troubleshooting
Preserving custom resolv.conf entries using resolvconfRHEL 802.1q / VLAN TaggingRPMs and CVEs
Rebuilding /etc/mnttabRed Hat Bug 124602 In ActionReloading a dynamic zone
Repeated message suppressionReset cn=Directory Manager passwordReset passwordretrycount for all users
Restore default GNOME panelsRun-parts vs. user crontab executionSMTP Fixup problems
Samba with AD authentication on Solaris 8Script to parse cluster table of contents fileSegmentation Fault using passwd command
Sendmail "queueup: cannot create queue temp file ...: No space left on device"Shell timeoutsSlow JumpStart on a Sun Fire V240
Slow ssh connectivity with UbuntuSmrsh: attempt to use script failedSolaris 8 DST Patching
Solaris Live UpgradeSolaris Password Policy
Solaris instance number to device name conversionSolaris virtual interfacesSoup To Nuts Sun DSEE
Ssh HostbasedAuthenticationStale NFS file handleStdio.h: No such file or directory with Ubuntu
Sudo and environment variablesSudo notes
Sun Fire V240 RAM ReplacementSyslog notes
TEW-424UB TRENDNet Wirless USB 2.0 Adapter on UbuntuTarget photo + digital CDs will not mount on LinuxTarget photo + digital CDs won't mount on Linux
Test if a name server supports EDNSTesting DST PatchesTesting network throughput with iperf
Time zone conversion using GNU dateTime zone notes
UNIX epoch conversionUNIX unkillable processes
Upgrading UbuntuUsing Amazon S3 on UbuntuUsing dmidecode to determine physical RAM and processors
Using the 2GB iPod Shuffle with LinuxVMware Player in Ubuntu
What are .nfs* files?What does DSmailhost$?m.$m$ mean in sendmail?
Which mount options are used with NFS "defaults"?Which version of mod * do I have installed?X11Forwarding needs xorg-x11-xauth
X11 Forwarding and su/sudoX -nolisten tcp
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