Sun Fire V240 RAM Replacement


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On one of our Sun Fire V240s with two processors and 8GB memory (eight 1GB DIMMs), POST indicated that dimm7 was disabled.

0>Test Memory....|
0>ERROR: TEST = Address Bitwalk on Slave 1
0>H/W under test = MB/P1/B1/D1 (Bank 2), Motherboard
0>Repair Instructions: Replace items in order listed by 'H/W under test' above.
0>MSG = Pin 175 failed on MB/P1/B1/D1 (Bank 2), Motherboard
0>      POST toplevel status has the following failures:
0>              MB/P1/B1/D1 (Bank 2), Motherboard
Power On Selftest Failed.
   CPU: 0 cause: MB/P1/B1/D1 (Bank 2), Motherboard
   CPU: 1 cause: MB/P1/B1/D1 (Bank 2), Motherboard
NOTICE: CPU 1 has 2048/4096 MB of memory disabled

ERROR: The following devices are disabled:

ERROR: POST failed
SC Alert: MB/P1/B1/D1 (Bank 2), Motherboard has been failed by POST

SC Alert: MB/P1/B1/D1 (Bank 2), Motherboard

This system had eight 1GB DIMMs. After this POST failure, the system only reported 6GB of available memory.

prtdiag -v output:

System Configuration: Sun Microsystems  sun4u Sun Fire V240
System clock frequency: 167 MHZ
Memory size: 6GB  
MB/P1/B1/D0     unused
MB/P1/B1/D1     failed

When dimm7 was disabled, it is likely that dimm6 was also disabled, as the system only reported 6GB of memory.

Sun sent us two 1GB replacement DIMMs. We replaced the DIMMs in banks 6 and 7, and the system again reported 8GB of memory.

Although the banks aren't labeled, they start at 0 and go through 7 (on a two-processor system) as you look at the system from the front.


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