What does DSmailhost$?m.$m$ mean in sendmail?

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After looking through 21.6 Macro Conditionals: $?, $|, and $. in sendmail, 3rd Edition, I believe this line means the following:

  • If $m (subdomain name) is defined, replace the value with .$m$.


$ sendmail -d0.1 < /dev/null
=========== SYSTEM IDENTITY (after readcf) ============
     (short domain name) $w = host
  canonical domain name) $j = host.example.com
        (subdomain name) $m = example.com
             (node name) $k = host
  • Since $m is defined as example.com, the S macro (SMART_HOST) is replaced with mailhost.example.com.
  • If $m was not defined, the S macro (SMART_HOST) would be mailhost
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